An Evening With John Lennon An Evening With John Lennon - Starring Lucien Nocelli
"An amazing theater and concert experience allowing dreamers a chance to get up close and personal with the most loved icon in music history, John Lennon. Nocelli delivers a haunting performance in every aspect from his personality and mannerisims right down to his chilling voice, speaking and singing. This is truly a chance to experience something we all wish we could, a  magical Evening with John Lennon."
Lucien Nocelli as John Lennon

World renowned guitarist, performer and recording artist,
Nocelli's musical achievements include several successful album releases and tours in many genres from Rock to Jazz to Jazz Fusion. He is also an acclaimed author of an advanced guitar method book, 'Modes In Motion - The Nocelli Guitar Method'.

He has been performing as John Lennon as part of the internationally touring production of Beatlemania for over 15 years as well as starring in 'Two of Us - An Evening with John & Paul' and 'An Evening with John Lennon' productions, touring nationwide.  Nocelli's natural portrayal of the character commonly receives the comment, that he channels Lennon's spirit through his haunting performances.

Nocelli is currently touring and promoting his latest rock release, Deal With It. He continues to tour with the Beatlemania, Two of Us and Evening with John Lennon productions.