"An intimate evening with one of the century's most talented, and loved musical artists. The production offers an emotional journey through the experience we all once dreamt of, a most incredible,
Evening with John Lennon" - The Sunville Times
An Evening with John Lennon offers a unique experience to John Lennon fans, allowing the audience a glimpse into the mind of a legend. Hear the stories behind some of the most influential songs of our lifetime and witness them performed by the nations most acclaimed and talented Lennon impersonator, Lucien Nocelli.
This extraordinary stage show places you, the audience, in front of Lennon, as he performs his unprecedented genius creations from Instant Karma and Imagine to Mind Games and Just Like Starting Over. Enjoy the fascinating stories and emotions behind the monumental recordings.

Featuring three costume changes over the course of this theatrical performance, witness Lennon during three different stages of his life. The show features both acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano performances, and is richly enhanced with multimedia and stage props. This magical production  captivates audiences of all ages.

Double Fantasy

Each performance and appearance of 'An Evening with John Lennon' is fully customizable to your personal function or your companies needs.

As the client, you choose the length of the appearance and may add your personal requests to the song list. You also choose the costume "Lennon" will appear in:
  • Early Beatle
  • Sgt. Pepper
  • Abbey Road (white suit)
  • Army Uniform (Imagine)
  • 'New York Years' velvet suit

The production offers affordable entertainment for your event from corporate parties, to successful fundraiser's to the ultimate surprise party guest for the Beatles fan. 'An Evening with John Lennon' is guaranteed to make your guests remember your event for years to come!
In Scene I, costumed in the classic white suit the evening opens with the early 1970s 'Abbey Road' scene. Performing popular Beatles songs of the time and sharing the origins and stories behind the beginning of these treasured songs.

Experience Lennon as he begins the venture out into the world of a solo musician, as the Beatles come to a bitter end.
Give Peace A Chance
Scene II presents a more rebellious yet hopeful Lennon. For the first time, writing and recording completely on his own with full artistic freedom over his work. Costumed in the infamous Military look Lennon often was seen in during this turbulent time, experience the songs which are still speaking to generations today.

Hear the stories of frustration, hope and love behind the music while witnessing the performance of these heart felt anthems of a generation live on stage.
In Scene III, after years of isolation, Lennon emerges from his seclusion armed with his latest album,
Double Fantasy.

Witness a matured, content and complete Lennon, performing his upbeat, 'loving life' songs of the time. Let yourself imagine that John Lennon was given the opportunity to perform live on stage one last time in 1980, and share with you, his fans, his latest music and masterful creations.

Songs Included In This Set:
  • Come Together
  • Across The Universe
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Julia
  • Revolution
  • Cold Turkey
  • Love
  • God
  • Dear Prudence
  • Give Peace A Chance
  • and more
Songs Included In This Set:
  • Imagine
  • Instant Karma
  • Mind Games
  • Working Class Hero
  • New York City
  • Jealous Guy
  • #9 Dream
  • How Do You Sleep?
  • Oh Yoko!
  • Crippled Inside
  • How Do You Sleep?
  • Mind Games
  • and more
Songs Included In This Set:
  • Just Like Staring Over
  • Woman
  • I'm Losing You
  • Beautiful Boy
  • Watching The Wheels
  • Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
  • Grow Old With Me
  • and more